Too many footballers neglect the mental aspect of their game.

Are you one of them?

Be & play your best every time you step onto the pitch—with the Fearless Football app.

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Mark Bowden

Performance Coach and Founder of the Fearless Footballer App


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Visualisation as your guide

Ever feel any (or all) of these?

  • Lack confidence at times on the field?

  • Not getting the recognition you’d like from others?

  • Waste time dwelling too long on bad plays & mistakes?

  • Struggling to find & stay in flow?

  • Second guessing yourself when training & playing?
    Breathe. The Fearless Football app is here to help.

30 day FREE Access pass (No credit card required)

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Reiss Nelson

"I started working closely with Mark when I was on loan to Feyenoord. A difficult time for me, coming into my last year of contract.

... but with weekly sessions Mark made me realise that everything I do and think is on me and gave me the confidence to finish the season strong!

I reccomend Mark to every footballer!" 


Learn how to play at your best instinctively. Get access to the Fearless Footballer app today.

30 day FREE Access pass (No credit card required)

Your subscription to the Fearless Footballer app includes

Video & audio training modules—easily accessible via iOS, Android or web app.

  • Relaxation audios to calm the mind

  • Pre-training exercises to ready the mind

  • Understand how & why the brain matters

  • Helpful training techniques & mindsets

  • Mental rehearsal & visualization

  • Improve concentration & focus

  • Build healthy training habits & routines

  • Become a better leader—on & off the field

  • Connect with amateurs & pros in The Fearless App Community

“I want a repeatable process to build a better & stronger mindset for my game”

Exactly. That’s why I created the Fearless Football app.

Download the app

Free for 30 days

∙ For iOS & Android

Listen regularly

Play your best ∙ Be more recognized

∙ Improve your football brain

Keep it going

Impress peers & coaches ∙ Play with confidence ∙ Get community support

I know something about performing under pressure

I had to perform my best while capturing England’s most notorious criminals. And so much about performance is understanding how the brain affects your game.

I’ve built a business coaching elite, pro footballers that keeps me busy full-time. Now, there’s a way for all footballers to learn the same methodology for feeding their brains to raise their game with the Fearless Footballer app used by hundreds of elite players in elite leagues across Europe.

  • Ready to condition your mind more deeply?

  • Ready to perform more naturally?

  • Ready to play & live more confidently?

Gabe Osho

"Working with Mark has near enough transformed my game and my outlook on life in general.

I didn't realise how important of a muscle the brain was and how I could strengthen and condition it to get the best result in everything I do, until I started working with Mark!"

Why the app works for pros & amateurs

Textbook approach + Real World Experience = Success in a high-pressured environment

  • Best-selling author—Use Your Brain Raise Your Game

  • Trusted mental performance coach working with Premier League players

  • 400+ pro players using the app—and growing

  • Regularly appearing in media circles for expert opinions

  • Consulted for Nike & many of their elite athletes

  • Featured in SkySports, Talksport & other national publications & newspapers

  • Knows about pressure working as covert operative for National Crime Agency & more

  • 10+ years busting criminal networks at home & abroad—where results matter

Train your brain anywhere, anytime!

Access all training modules and meditations from any device. Download content to enjoy access on the go.